Sextet Jazz Volunteers was formed from many years of cooperation between Martin Jůzl and Filip Kučera. The motif was both love for Cannonball Adderley’s music and a feeling of the absence of this music on the czech jazz scene.

Hard bop with distinctive elements of blues and soul of Cannonball forms a peculiar line, which „JV“ decided to follow and develop in their own concept. Jůzl and Kučera invited musicians working across genres to identify with their vision.

_MG_4651Martin Jůzl
He comes from Cheb, a town on the west edge of Czech Republic. In Prague he studied trumpet playing at the Conservatory with Zdeněk Šedivý, Jiří Šedivý and Jaroslav Halíř. Today he is a trumpet teacher at an art school. You can see him also in D.Y.K.Jazz Dock OrchestraBohemia After Dark Project, HarMálek Orchestr, Between Berlin and Bebop, At Eas Trio, Letenský Dixieland and many others. 
_MG_4636Filip Kučera
Graduate of the Prague International Conservatory under the leadership of Róbert „Bobo“ Mitręga and David Fárek. Member of the Golden Big Band Prague, ska-reggae band Green Småtroll (2011 Golden Angel Award), balcan brass band named Oranžáda and many others.
 _MG_4646Jiří Žák
From the age of 15 he learned to play the saxophone under the direction of Jirka Hála. Later he graduated from Jaroslav Ježek Conservatory, saxophone under prof. Jiří Kulišev and flute under prof. Alena Křiklánová. He teaches at the Harmony Art School in Dolní Břežany. He currently performs in these bands: Doctor PP, Golden Big Band Prague and Anna W Quintet.
 _MG_4671Daniel Fiedler
Graduate of the Prague Conservatory, drums, and the Jaroslav Ježek Conservatory, composition. Since he was sixteen he has been active as a pianist. He went through a long series of engagements of various musical genres. He also works as an accompanist and teacher.

 _MG_4621Antonín Šturma
He has been playing string instruments practically continuously since he was six years old. He started with the violin, continued with classical guitar and now plays mostly double bass and bass. He is a busy musician, whose cooperation with various professional groups. Mainly in Vano Bamberger & Band (DE), Golden Big Band Prague (CZ), OPSO (CZ), Hana Robinson (CZ) and many others.
 _MG_4625Martin Kuzma
He has been playing drums since the age of 13. In the years 2004 – 2010 he studied at the Prague Conservatory under professors Pavel Razím and Radek Krampl. Since 2011 member of the National Theater Orchestra in Prague. Now employed as drummer in ÚH AČR since 2017. 
He is also active in the orchestra of the Karlín Music Theater and in bands of various genres.




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